We supply a wide variety of products

Sugar Ham, Gypsy Ham, Hickory Ham, Country Ham, Pepper Ham, Cooked Ham, Gypsy Ham Loaf, Cheese loaf, Pasta loaf, Pepper loaf, Egg loaf, Chilli loaf, Brawn (Curry), Brawn (Plain), French, Salami, Sandwich Ham loaf, Pinkie sausage, Cheese Griller, Cocktail Cheese Griller, Cheese Griller Foot Long, Cheese Russian, Russian Plain, Bacon Sausage, Bacon Cheese Sausage, Hamper bag, Assorted Loaf Combo, Smokie 3 kg, Russian 5 kg, Russian 750g, Smokies 750g, Cocktail Cheese Griller, Smoked Vienna, Charizo, Sweet Chilli & Cheese, Bacon & Cheese Braai Wors

We are very proud to be a part of the Cuyler Group. We Specialize in processed products and have a large variety starting from economy, to value added quality added products such as assorted Sausages, Loaves, Country Hams, Salami’s, Bacon and value added Sausages.